David Phillips' most luxurious mattress - the Sandringham - has a unique air suspension system to provide perfect body support. This superior quality mattress is hand-tufted with luxury woollen tufts and contains up to 3000 individual Air-Duplet pocket springs.

This mattress offers unmatched comfort and orthopaedic support with a filling of pure silk, soft lamb's wool, and rebound cotton. Combined with the mattress' ventilation system, these materials wick moisture away and provide natural temperature regulation in all seasons.

Pure, natural fillings offer several benefits compared to synthetic materials. Silk provides a noticeable level of luxury exclusive to the Sandringham, and lamb's wool is eco-friendly, biodegradable and provides a level of durability unmatched by polyester. Rebound cotton provides a springy surface, reinforced by high-quality tufting, to offer a remarkably comfortable sleeping surface.

A unique combination of soft and firm pocket springs allows the Sandringham to offer better all-around support. This spring configuration reduces body weight where it is needed most during sleep, increasing support and improving posture.

The Sandringham Mattress series has several features to ensure sleep quality and comfort:

Pocket Sprung
The Sandringham series contains up to 3000 individual springs enclosed in separate pockets and uses a unique Air-Duplet system to provide a balance of soft and firm support that adapts to bodyweight.

Air-Duplet Pocket
The Air Duplet spring system consists of stacked soft and firm springs. This design helps offer better support for all areas of the body while maintaining the medium-firm overall tension of the mattress. The Air Duplet system has been designed to ensure ideal sleep posture, allowing the spine to remain straight and supported.

The sleeping surface of this mattress is decorated with a fine damask ticking, high in cotton content, which offers a balance between aesthetic and durability.

Tapes placed through the mattress by hand and held in place with natural pom-pom woollen tufts prevent fillings from becoming displaced, ensuring that firmness and overall support is maintained.

Side Support
Metal rod edges and high-density foam side supports maintain the mattress's shape, ensuring comfort by preventing sagging - which leads to unwanted movement and reduced support.

The open coil spring system provides medium to firm tension and has been carefully designed to offer orthopaedic support, reducing bodyweight where it is needed most during sleep.

Tapes placed through the mattress by hand and held in place with natural pom-pom woollen tufts prevent fillings from becoming displaced, ensuring that firmness and overall support is maintained.

Materials & Specifications

  • Medium/Firm tension mattress Up to 3000 individual springs Orthopaedic support Natural fillings Exclusive to David Phillips Made in the UK Available in various sizes Suitable for all of our standard slatted bed frames and divans
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Sandringham Pocket Sprung Mattresses

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  • Sandringham 3ft Mattress
  • Sandringham Mattress 4ft
  • Sandringham 4ft6 Mattress
  • Sandringham 5ft Mattress
  • Sandringham 6ft Mattress
  • Sandringham Mattress Zip and Link 5ft
  • Sandringham Mattress Zip and Link 6ft
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Materials & Specifications

Size Guide

Size Guide Sandringham Mattresses

Small single  2ft6 x 6ft3 x 11.25" 81 x 191 x 28.5 cm
Single  W 3ft x 6ft3 x 11.25" W 90 x 190 x 28.5 cm
Small double  W 4ft x 6ft3 x 11.25" W 122 x 191 x 28.5 cm
Double W 4ft6 x 6ft3 x 11.25" W 137 x 191 x 28.5 cm
King W 5ft x 6ft6 x 11.25" W 152 x 198 x 28.5 cm
Super King  W 6ft x 6ft6 x 11.25" W 183 x 198 x 28.5 cm

Award winning delivery & installation

Award winning delivery & installation

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