Ready made packages

For landlords & individuals, we’ve got a range of ready-made packages to make life easier for you, simple click to purchase or talk to one of our friendly team to set up your order and install.

Why Build your own?
Tailor your package to your property
Installed by a friendly team of professional installers
Choose from a wide range of David Phillips furniture

How does it work?

  • 1. How many rooms are you looking to furnish?

    To begin with we'll ask you how many rooms you're looking to furnish, so you can customise your journey exactly to the property your furnishing.

  • 2. What are these rooms?

    Next you'll be able to select what each room is, living room, dining room, bedroom etc. so that we can make the most suitable furniture recommendations for that space.

  • 3. Recommending spending

    We'll take the information you've given us and the rent you're looking to achieve and suggest an amount to spend on furniture to present your home at its best.

    Don't worry if you're not looking to rent out your space, you can always skip this step.

  • 4. Selecting your furniture

    It's time to pick your furniture.

    Grab a cup of tea, your favorite snack or just dive straight in. For each room in your property we'll suggest the items of furniture most often needed. Any items you don't need, or already have you can simple skip past, it's totally customisable to what you need with a helping hand to give you some hints along the way.

    Don't forgot to check out those finishing touches!

  • 5. Assembly & Installation Plus

    Now you've picked what you need. it's time to schedule your delivery.

    Our team of experts will delivery, assemble and install all your new furniture in the rooms of your choice. We'll remove and recycle any packaging and give everything a clean and tidy before we head off.

    If you won't be around for delivery we can also collect and return the keys to a nominated contact and if you have items that need removing - we can do that too.