Interior Design Trends in 2024

Brown Renaissance

Create a comforting and organic ambience to exude timeless elegance across every space. With endless shades of brown to choose from, whether it’s dark chocolate tones or warmer caramel hues, incorporate homes with a sense of classic style and refinement.


On Wednesdays, we wear Chartreuse.

A perfect blend of yellow and green, Chartreuse is not just a colour; it’s a way of life. This lively shade is a quick-fire way to give properties a vibrant refresh. Just go easy on how much chartreuse to incorporate…


Eco-Conscious Chic

With the heightened demand from clients for sustainability, eco-living is no longer a nice to have. Recycling isn’t just about cardboard, glass and plastics. Think recycled seaweed, reclaimed bamboo, repurposed wood and more to create homes both stylish and better for the planet.

Comfort is King

Say goodbye to stiff formality, and hello to warm, inviting interiors made of lived-in furniture pieces, blending functionality and aesthetics harmoniously. Think subtle brilliance with high-quality pieces, which exude effortless comfort and speak volumes of luxury in whispers.  

Colourful Escape

Inject a burst of energy by embracing bold and playful colours, not just as decorative accessories, or a feature wall, but the whole room! In 2024 we’ll see many welcoming a kaleidoscope of hues to redefine their spaces. Homes to reflect joy and positivity, with all the creativity one dares to dream.


Soft and Cosy

Create a sensory experience that invites relaxation and indulgence, from sumptuous throws and plush rugs to wallpapered doors and textured walls. Softer finishes such as wool will envelop spaces in warmth and sophistication bringing hints of luxury across a room.


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