Delivery tips

Our top ten tips to ensure a smooth delivery

We know what makes a delivery successful and what can go wrong - since 1998 our team have made over one million deliveries, and we successfully fulfil hundreds more each week.

Here’s a list of the ten most important considerations for property managers, designed to let you use our experience to make sure your delivery goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Order the right size mattress

The number one reason for delivery failure!

The most important fact to know before purchasing a mattress is the exact size of the bed base it is going to be used with - it may seem like common sense, but we frequently receive orders for mattresses that are too big or small for the existing bed base at the property.

We do allow customers to change the mattress if they order the wrong size, but this takes time and is frustrating for tenants who are looking forward to an upgrade. To make life easier, the standard sizes are as follows:

UK Size Dimensions (cm) Dimensions (ft)
Small single 75 x 190 2'6" x 6'3"
Single 90 x 190 3'0" x 6'3"
Small double 120 x 190 4'0" x 6'3"
Double 135 x 190 4'6" x 6'3"
King size 150 x 200 5'0" x 6'6"
Super king 180 x 200 6'0" x 6'6"
European Size Dimensions (cm) Dimensions (ft)
Single 90 x 200 3'0" x 6'6"
Double 140 x 200 4'9" x 6'6"
King Size 160 x 200 5'3" x 6'6"


2. Tell us about narrow staircases and corridors or awkward turns

Tell us in advance if there’s restricted access, and we’ll recommend products that will fit or can be assembled on site by our team.

3. Tell us about any parking restrictions

If we can’t park, we can't deliver! If you know the property is on a street that is known to cause issues with parking, tell us in advance. Likewise, if we need permission to park on private land - perhaps in a resident’s car park – we need to know ahead of time.

4. Don’t wait until 4pm to order for delivery the next working day

Our next working day delivery order cut-off is strictly 4pm, but we regularly receive a number of rushed orders very close to this deadline. Early orders tend to go more smoothly, as we can communicate any necessary changes with you, your tenants, and our delivery team.

5. Choose the right product for the property

We sell and stock thousands of products across a wide range of prices, design styles and qualities – ensuring that we can match products to type of property with tenant expectations. We’re often asked to replace products that have been poorly chosen and tenants have complained. Our team are happy to advise you should you need help, simply give us a call.

6. Check whether appliances are freestanding or integrated

Tenants may not know whether their appliances are freestanding or integrated, but it’s important to make sure that the distinction is made when placing an order. We offer both kinds, but the delivery and installation process is different for each – if you order the wrong type of appliance for the property we may need to reschedule delivery, leading to tenant frustration.

7. Check water and power connections

Before ordering any appliance, check that there’s a dedicated power supply in the right place and, in the case of dishwashers and washing machines, that there’s also working water and waste connections in the right location before ordering.

8. Tell us in advance if you want us to remove old items

Removal of old items MUST be booked in advance so that we can allow space on the van and time for our delivery team to do this. While we try our best to be helpful, our delivery teams are instructed not to remove items not booked for collection.

9. Tell us if you have specific invoicing requirements

If you need specific information or reference numbers on your invoices, or they need to be raised in a specific name, please tell us when placing your order. We can usually facilitate this, but it’s far more difficult after we’ve processed your order.

10. Make sure keys are available at the pickup location

We're often told that keys are in a particular location, only to discover that they are in a completely different location or can’t be found at all. Please double check!

We'll do as much as we can to help ensure your delivery goes smoothly, but please be aware that we reserve the right to charge £50 for failed deliveries caused by customer error.

Delivery tips